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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

CMO Growth Framework : Sprint 3

The goal here is to evaluate your current positioning and create greater differentiation between your product and competition.

1. Customer deep dive

We'll begin with a deep dive into your customer with qualitative and quantitative research. This includes an audit of existing analytics, customer research, interviews with customers and sales personnel, analysis of pipeline and customer reports, and a competitive landscape review.

2. Map differentiation

After analyzing your customers and competitors, we look at your current differentiation strategy. Then, we'll plot your competitive factors (USPs) onto a strategy canvas and compare it against the competition. This includes pricing.

3. Increase differentiation

Once we've visually mapped your differentiation in relation to your top competitors, I'll make recommendations on how we can further improve differentiation across all competitive factors, including price.

4. Execute differentiation

To execute our new differentiation, I'll work with your copywriter and sales team to improve sales messaging, USPs and tag lines. We'll then apply our new and improved copy to your sales assets including website, PR boilerplates, video narratives, sales scripts, pitch decks, data sheets and lead nurturing emails. Don’t have a copywriter? No problem -- I’ve got a deep bench over at One Net that can help.

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