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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

CMO Growth Framework : Sprint 2

Understanding your audience (your actual customer, not the ideal customer you invented) is critical for any customer acquisition program. If you don't understand the true pains of your customer, how they work, and how they buy, you'll spin in circles with ineffective campaigns that achieve nothing for growth.

1. Refine buyer personas

First I’ll refine your buyer personas or define new ones with the help of analytics and your team. Yep, even the customer success team gets involved here! Don’t have personas? Don’t worry, your competitors probably don't either.

2. Uncover customer insights

Interview customers and uncover qualitative insights as to why they chose your product over the alternative. We need to understand what tipped them to try and buy, and what keeps them logging in for more.

3. Visualize personas

Each customer type (persona) has a unique path to purchase. Using attribution data, I’ll map each path and create a clear visual that shows all steps in the customer journey.

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