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As a data-driven CMO, my primary objectives are to accelerate growth, strengthen brand and reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC). I have proven framework which I've implemented for Google, Intuit, Lenovo and dozens more.

Accelerate Growth

Personas. Customer journeys. Fine tune the marketing mix.

Strengthen Brand

Blue ocean positioning.  Differentiation. Better CX.

Reduce CAC

Funnel optimization. Product-led growth. Increase LTV.

A Data-Driven CMO

These digital companies benefit from having me as their fractional CM0 and in some cases COO.

I cap my engagement at 4 clients and reserve one day per week for industry education, investments and professional development.

CMO: One Net Inc. is a digital agency that I founded in 2007 that focuses on customer acquisition for tech, mobile and entertainment brands.

CMO: is an authoritative snowboard review site and marketplace with millions of monthly users.

COO: Hipster Bait is a music discovery app and music distribution platform that helps rock musicians reach super fans.

I have one spot open for an innovative mobile or digital entertainment company with a great product-market fit and inspiring founding team.

Our skills

My Approach

1. Consolidate Analytics
2. Perfect Personas & Map the Customer Journey
3. Refine Positioning & Unique Differentiation
4. Simplify the MarTech Stack
5. Finetune the Marketing Mix
6. Reduce CaC + Increase LTV
CMO Dashboard

A Proven Framework

Over the last 12 years I have generated more than $110mm in attributable revenue using my growth framework below.

I have applied my framework to every company that you see on this page and then some.

My framework, combined with my toolset and vendor relationships, has been refined since I started running customer acquisition campaigns back in 2003. I have established relationships with creative agencies, PR agencies, dev shops, MarTech providers, ad networks and Google.

I love driving revenue and empowering marketing teams.

Kind Words

A collection of kind words for work executed by my team over at One Net Inc.

Rod McLeod

VP Communications, Kik

“Everyone at the company is pleased with the new website. Dylan and his team at One Net are a great partner with creative ideas that made the site unique, like the homepage vignettes, and provided great client service."

Rob Young

Sr. Product Manager at Western Union

"The search campaigns brought in more customers than we expected at a fraction of the cost that we were getting in other ways. My custom reporting dashboard lets me see the results in real-time and the entire process with Dylan and the One Net team has been seamless. Would definitely recommend."

Neil Lancia

Integrated Digital Marketing Manager, Lenovo

“I appreciate the high-quality work that you’ve done, and I will not hesitate to find ways to work with you in the future.”

Rod McLeod

VP Communications, Kin

A strong online hub was absolutely necessary in order to launch Kin. We had a tight deadline and many moving parts, and One Net worked around the clock to get this done. The site was able to house crucial information, like our whitepaper and various explanations of what Kin is and what we’re trying to accomplish through this new cryptocurrency, and contributed to our token sale, which ended up raising close to $100M USD. One Net continues to be a strategic partner for Kik.

Clara Caruthers

Product Marketing, Wildfire, a division of Google

“One of the most successful marketing programs we’ve ever used.”

Michelle Hazelton

Global Product Manager, 1E

I’d like to say thank you to you and all your team for the support and great work you have done for 1E. The figures certainly speak for themselves. I have truly learnt a lot from you and have thoroughly enjoyed the process."

Tim Kalimov

VP Business Development, Hyperscience

“Wanted to extend a big thank you… for all of your help in getting our new website done! You [were] really great to work with and I think you did an amazing job. It’s now up on and we’re getting a bunch of traffic.”

Elissa Walters

PR & Marketing Director, at Standard Media Index

"I’ve loved working with you, and your whole team, and hope that I’ll be able to do so again soon."

Rachel Lazar

Senior Director, Consumer Marketing, Rhapsody

None of our other marketing partners have thought to use our artist content to acquire customers in the way you did. The results are superb. Keep it up : )

Free Marketing Plan


Here's an example of a marketing plan that I would execute in sprint 5 of my CMO framework.

Insights & Anecdotes

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